Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Amanda | Washington, D.C. Portrait Photographer

This past weekend was the highlight of my year so far. I got to spend my weekend in D.C., Arlington, Alexandria, and Maryland. Yep, I was in all those places in thirty-six hours and I got to meet my friend Amanda for the very first time on Saturday. We have been blogging friends for a long time but planning to actually meet was harder than we anticipated. Something kept getting in the way. Well, May ended up being the perfect time, as Amanda was finishing finals at Marymount and I was free from work! I had planned to visit in the winter but I'm actually kind of glad it didn't work out because Washington is gorgeous in the spring and that's where we planned to spend most of our time!

I drove into Arlington around lunch-time and met Amanda at the library she works at and then we traveled back to her dorm room. She showed me around her adorable little campus and then we left for the metro, which ended up being an adventure in itself for me because I had never experienced it. Haha. Picture me with a huge black bag of camera gear that weighs over ten pounds, a reflector, a bunch a signs and metro lingo that I don't understand, sitting with a random person wondering why the metro sounded like it was going to derail. Hahaha. :) An adventure, it was.

After taking the metro into D.C., we walked all around, finding places every few yards to take photos, which was so much fun because Amanda is a photographer as well and we had nothing to deliver and were able to take our time to try to new things. We got our exercise, we got to explore D.C. without any schedule, and we took awesome pictures. :) Such a good day.

I'm so thankful I finally got to meet Amanda, especially since we're a lot alike and got along really well. It's so cool getting to meet people you've been online friends with and I truly am grateful for Amanda and her friendship! Amanda, thanks for letting me come visit and take hundreds of pictures of you! You're gorgeous!

P.S. Part II of my weekend with Amanda will be coming soon. :)

One of my favorites of the day!

On the stairs at the Capital! :) The guard was nice.


  1. I love the preview but this is just gorgeous. I love how your photos are so clear, bright, and happy. Keep up the good work!

  2. these are lovely, Meredith. :) Amanda is such a pretty lady. :) it looks like you had a wonderful time... looking forward to part 2! xx

  3. Great photos! Beautiful model! Oh- my daughter? Of course I like the photos. I hope she gets copies and her loving mom can pry a few from her.:)Enjoyed meeting you Sunday.