Friday, April 26, 2013


After four full days of work, which means constant moving and carrying large items, I'm so excited to have today off just to relax! I love working and making money but unfortunately, I get exhausted physically and emotionally so easily. I had to travel over an hour to work each day this week which isn't bad at all but the traffic on the interstate I had to take was miserable due to roadwork every single day. I got up a little late on Wednesday, rushed out the door, and when I got to the entrance ramp to the interstate, it was closed off. Then I went to the other ramp in town that led to 64 and it was closed off too. Haha. I'm terrible with directions so basically, I didn't know how to get to work. I honestly don't even remember how I got there but I eventually did. After all the traffic shenanigans and being stuck in some type of traffic every day, I was ready for today. :) So this is my day to sit in the yard, drink coffee, and be lazy. I'm so excited.

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