Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Outfit XII

I love maxi dresses. In my opinion, they work really well on anyone. For a while, I had this idea that only tall people could wear them but that was because every maxi dress I picked up was five feet too long for me. Haha. I pretty much ignored them as an option until I was in North Carolina a couple months ago wandering around Marshall's with my mom. I saw this beautiful dress that was made out of really nice stretchy fabric (so comfortable!) and had my favorite colors in it! I grabbed it even though I didn't think it would fit. I went to the dressing room and surprisingly, it was only a couple inches too long! WOOO. With some heels, I knew it would be perfect. :) So I bought that wonderful dress and Monday I had some down time and went out to take some self portraits. :) All images were shot with my 5D Mark II and 85mm 1.2L.

Dress - Marshall's (London Times)
Earrings - Target
Shoes (not shown) - Clarks


  1. I love maxi dresses! But I have the same problem, their all too long...I'm so short.
    But the one you found is just gorgeous. I love the colors. And beautiful photos. :)

  2. Those are glorious! What GREAT photos!! LOVE them.. but love you more (:

  3. adorable! that maxi dress is AWESOME.

  4. ohmygosh. that dress. WANT. :) love your outfit posts, Meredith! {also, you are GORGEOUS. the fourth one down? gah. seriously. model material, i'm telling ya. :)}

    lovely lovely!

  5. Those are self-portraits????? Seriously? Wow, that's amazing :) If I could take self-portraits like that, I'd be so happy :)

  6. oh wow, these are lovely. And considering they're self-portraits, that just raises it up a notch! Beautifully done, Meredith. The first b&w and the side profile one of you with your head thrown back are especially fantastic.

  7. Thanks everyone!! I love reading your sweet comments! Love you guys!