Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The best part about getting to style and photo assist is that I get to work at a different location almost every time I'm scheduled. We were in Gordonsville this week and the drive there was breathtaking, as usual. I've taken that road to work in the fall and winter but seeing it this spring tops everything. Once you get onto Route 231, it's a long, curvy road full of green trees, wildflowers, farms, and vineyards. Every driveway has an elegant gate asking for a pass code and the homes' front yards contain horses, bright green rolling hills, and fences that go on for miles. It's obviously a wealthy area which makes for a fun drive. I tend to turn up the volume of my music, ride with the windows down, and survey every home I pass. At 7:30 a.m., there's nothing quite like the warm, morning light streaming through the trees, casting long shadows on the road and dewy grass. It's a trip a always look forward to making.


  1. ooohhh, these are beautiful, Meredith. :) as usual. ;) that is one thing i would love about being a photographer--traveling. :) xx.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous :)
    Haha I was trying to take some pictures of myself yesterday and wishing they would turn out as good as yours do ;)