Friday, April 5, 2013

Digging Deeper

Hi friends!! Happy Friday! I'm sorry for the lack of photos lately. I've been busy and the cold weather hasn't been incredibly fun to be out in. In fact, this winter has been the hardest winter for me. I usually look forward to my jeans, sweaters, boots, and hats, but I feel like the cold wind, rain, and April sleet knocked me off my feet. Snow is a beautiful thing and I enjoyed every bit of it until we started getting storms in late March and April. Haha. I'm really realizing that I'm not a winter baby. I'm a spring, colorful, warm, ocean baby. :) I'm ready to actually enjoy taking my dog for a walk and being outside without my coat that continually creates static in my hair. It's really a nuisance. Haha.

But anyway, onto the real stuff. I read a post the other day that Sharon wrote, a photographer whom I've never met but have admired for a long while. Sharon was actually the very first photographer that I blog stalked to comment on my blog. That was about three years ago when I was posting photos that shouldn't even be called photos. Haha. But she encouraged me. Her simple comment is something I'll never forget. Since then, I've admired Sharon so much and as strange as this might be considering I don't know her, I've watched her photos gradually get better and better and better. So the other day she posted about the moment when she finally realized that she needed to photograph only what she truly loved, rather than shooting everything because she needed to make money. When she decided to do that, I could tell her work changed, as I'm sure others could too. There was more passion in her pictures and honestly, the quality improved greatly! 

Sure, photography is what I love, but I need to dig deeper. What kind of photography do I love? I've been thinking about it and right in this moment, I get the most excited about portraits. I haven't shot a wedding and more than likely, my favoritism will be equal between portraits and weddings, but right now, portraits have my heart. There are a few photos that I always seem to come back to and never stop loving, which is what tells me I like portraits the most. Today I thought I'd share with you a few of those images.

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