Friday, March 1, 2013

Use Your iPhone

My grandparents have gotten to the point where they have to have a caretaker at their house a few times a week to do the things they aren't able to do. It's such a blessing because all my grandparents' children (my mom included) are four hours away. I know everyone is comforted knowing there is someone there to make sure they are both safe and as healthy as possible. 

The caretaker also witnesses my grandpa and his loud but loving personality every day. My mom gave my grandpa a hymnal book a few years ago with the music and stories about each hymn. He said that it has been the greatest gift he's ever received. The binding is coming off because he looks at it more than once a day and sits at the kitchen table, singing the hymns that bring him so much joy. He doesn't just read the words of those songs, he truly understands them and feels them. 

So Cindee, the caretaker, sent my mom a cell phone photo the other day of him singing. It was just a phone photo but it made me sad that I don't have any pictures like that of him living out his life. I often feel like my Mark II is annoying in everyday life. The loud shutter and huge lens ruins a moment. It's my best friend when on a photoshoot but when I want to capture a simple, quiet moment, I have to be discreet. And that's why I love my iPhone. I did crack the screen the other day (crap.... taking off the case was a terrible idea for me) but what a great thing it is to have a quality camera on a phone. I can easily pull it out because it's always with me and I can take a memorable photo without anyone even knowing I did it. That could be dangerous (haha!) but it's why I always keep my phone in my pocket. In my opinion, a photographer doesn't always need a 21.1 megapixel camera, especially for everyday life moments. An iPhone photo will do just fine.


  1. I totally agree with you! I have felt that same thing, it just doesn't feel 'right' to have your huge camera taking that picture, because then you have to adjust all the settings, and by the time you take the picture, that moment is lost gone, and it's not what you wanted.


  2. I can so relate. Yesterday, I brought my camera with me to a formal supper. I wanted to capture the moment with my friends, but the camera seemed so noisy and the flash seemed so bright. Alas, I was too shy to get any good pictures.

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  3. So so true Meredith! Hoping to get my hands on one soon!..lovely pictures :)

  4. Hey, that's a very good idea! The photos look amazing! You took them from a phone?? Wow! :)

  5. I did a post like this with pics from my iPhone the other day! You just can't capture life the same way with a large camera as you can with your phone :)
    -mal :)