Friday, March 29, 2013

The Snowy Mountain

For those of you who don't know, I live in a valley, on one side of a mountain that I cross often to go to Charlottesville. It's an absolutely beautiful drive that I take for granted because I see it so often. The road runs through the mountain and it overlooks a huge stretch of land that you are able to see all at once during parts of the drive. When it snowed the other day, the snow wasn't sticking to the road and I desperately wanted to go sit in my car at one of the overlooks and just watch it fall onto the town below. I knew it would be foggy but I also knew it would be peaceful and beautiful. So I drove over that mountain with my film camera and my digital camera. Unfortunately, it was even foggier than I anticipated so I couldn't see much but I still took a few shots anyway. I traveled around Crozet afterwards, stopping my car on the side of the road and jumping out to photograph different things with my film camera since I had just loaded my first roll of professional film! It's possible that I am more concerned to take pictures sometimes than to keep myself safe, but hey, I'm excited to see how the film turned out. I'll be sharing that in the next month or so. :) Have a glorious Friday everyone! As much as I enjoyed that snow, this beautiful Virginia weather today has me ready for spring and summer. :)


  1. beautiful, Meredith. :) i love the snow in the winter (and i wish we got more!) but our apricot tree is blossoming, so i'm ready for Spring now. ;) x

  2. How lucky you are to have snow! It looks wonderful. :)