Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow, Summer, and Film

I'm the happiest girl today because of this snow. I was at a friend's house last night just hanging out and all of a sudden, I got a text saying that it was snowing. WHAT? Already?! It wasn't supposed to start until midnight. Well, it was 9 p.m. and the snow had started. I rushed home and this morning I awoke to..... a lot of snow. :) I've been waiting for it since the first day of winter and FINALLY, a significant amount of has fallen just for me. :) 

With that being said, I've spent a lot of time in North Carolina lately and I got used to the slightly warmer weather. Because of that, I can't say I would mind summer right about now. I'm excited for my family's beach trip and today, even as the beautiful, dainty (maybe more like chunky) flakes fall outside my window and continue to blanket everything in sight, I'm thinking of my beach trip from December. Although it was winter and we didn't get tans and float on tubes in the water, it was peaceful. And renewing. And fun. And memorable. I'm thankful for that time I had with my friends that I miss so much. Gosh, I love beaches. I think I'm longing for a vacay.

While I was there, I took a roll of film on my AE-1. I'm really in an experimental stage with film. I took Photo I and II in high school and learned so much about developing but now I'm really just trying to figure out what types of film I like, how they work in different light, and where to get scans done. I am cheap and sent these to CVS and regret it. They scan low res and every time I've used them, there's dust all over my scans. ARG. Never again.

But I'm learning and I'm also thinking about buying a Canon 1V. :) I'm still looking around and asking people what they shoot with but I've seen shots taken with the 1V and they're glorious! It's not medium format but for now, I think it will do the job. :) I hope to shoot a couple rolls of film at every session I do from now on and I'm just excited thinking about having a nice 35mm film camera.

Here are some of my recent shots from the past six months. What do you guys think? Do you shoot film? Have you heard of any really great film cameras?


  1. Actually, one of my first experiences with DSLR's was with my dads film Minolta camera.
    It's so fun to shoot film, but it's also sort of a pain. You have to get everything just right in order for the pictures to all come out looking nice.
    And it's really expensive to get the pictures printed. I think we paid around $50 for a few rolls. (walgreens) and then some of the pictures really didn't turn out all great.
    But I must say, shooting with a film camera IS super fun. And I'll probably be using my dads camera again. (but this time I'll have to pay to get the pictures printed, I'm sure. ;) )


  2. i'm going to do this. i'm going to shoot with film, and see what we end up with :) xo

  3. I used to use film but since it was so hard to find the right film for my camera, I now have a digital camera.