Friday, March 8, 2013


My life the past month has been full of silly, outrageous things. Let me share with you.

• Our van broke down at Food Lion on Tuesday (right after I told mom we shouldn't drive that unreliable car) so we asked someone for their car to jump it. It didn't work. Meanwhile, another woman locked her keys and her elderly father sleeping in her car... I mean, what? After she and everyone else in the parking lot banged on the window and yelled, "Joe, Joe, Joe" for twenty minutes, he finally woke up and saved the day by unlocking the car. We made sure to stay and see the firetruck come only to be told everything was fine. We ended up leaving with a nice old lady from a repair garage with our groceries in her trunk.
• I showered without power on Wednesday in a bathroom with no windows. I put a candle in the shower with me. It was interesting.
• I got asked if I was a teacher while in a drive thru. I'm 18. I'll take it.
• I considered sledding down my deck stairs with all the snow we got. I still need to make that happen.
• I tripped in heels in the mall. I caught myself but I blame the carpet on the ramp that I went down. I thought it was hilarious but I think everyone watching felt bad for me. It's okay.
• I was driving in a new area this past week when I found myself needing to turn around at the bottom of a very steep hill. My car, being an inch off the ground, screeched and dragged the whole way up the hill. At one point, I wasn't even moving as I was pressing the gas but terrible noises were happening. I feel like I make bad decisions.
• A couple months ago, I thought it would be fun to take the case off my iPhone. I wanted to have a naked iPhone. You know how that goes. Well, it fell out of my back pocket and onto our kitchen tile. It was done for. I laughed. 
• On my way to North Carolina last week, I stopped for lunch at a Subway. I went in, ordered food, and proceeded to the bathroom. As I went in, I noticed the door was hard to close. I ignored it, used the restroom, and when I came out, well, I couldn't get out because the door was jammed. I didn't bring my phone with me so dramatic me thought of the worst: The Subway ladies were terrorists who locked me in there on purpose. Totally rational. I took a deep breath and banged on the door. After a minute, I was rescued and laughed at. I told the lady they should fix the door and she said, "You just have to jerk the handle." Ummm, no.


  1. Love your photography! Where in North Carolina have you been visiting? I'm from Charlotte :)


    1. Hi Katie!! I was in Wilson. :) I have a lot of family in Charlotte, though!

  2. Whoa, what a disaster! Glad you are okay. :O

  3. So lovely post, good weekend! kisses