Monday, March 25, 2013

Dogwood Bud

I went outside on Friday to help my mom trim back some zebra grass and as I was walking around the yard, giddy that I saw buds on the trees, I really starting thinking about how amazing the life of a tree is, or any plant for that matter. They sprout buds in the spring, they grow leaves in the summer, they lose those leaves in the fall, and they die back in the winter. The cycle is repeated each year as they grow stronger and bigger. I went over to the dogwood tree in our side yard that's been there for years and pulled one of the branches down to look at the tiny bud the size of a pomegranate seed and I noticed that it had just started to open. The protection around the bud had split apart and soon, a big, white, symmetrical dogwood flower will appear, perfect and alive. I'm amazed at creation every day and my fascination with a simple bud tells me that I truly find God in his design of nature. It's evident more each day. Hope everyone's Monday is a good one! Here are some photos from the past couple weeks.


  1. gorgeous pictures, Meredith! ;) i love the one of your dog running through the snow. well, i love all of them. beautiful.

    the lives of plants are amazing--i always love thinking about them, and marveling at what a wonderful world God created. :)


  2. Oh my gosh, these are amazing. esp love the last one. I can never get good pictures of snow!


  3. these are beautiful pictures!
    love the shot of your dog:)
    I believe one of the many joys in life is watching dogs run through snow;) hehe