Friday, February 22, 2013

The Nutcracker Poster Shots 2012 (Part I)

Hi and happy Friday (what's left of it)!! Back in mid-November, I got to work with Dulcey and Old Dominion once again!! I love that time of year because I know I get to spend a few hours at the dance studio downtown taking photos for Nutcracker poster advertisements! Dulcey has been such an encouragement to me the past few years as I've been building my photography business and I honestly cannot thank her enough for giving me all the opportunities to photograph her students! I love getting to admire the new costumes and catch up with the beautiful dancers there!

This year's poster shots are by far my favorite! I have learned more each year and as the photos are improving, so are the dancers! It's a delight to watch them in their new pointe shoes, showing off their new skills! 

Here's the first post of a couple more to come with the poster shots! My hatred for cutouts has kept me from sharing them all at once but once I finish them, I'll be sure to leave a link on Facebook!!