Monday, February 25, 2013

Hayden Kaye | Washington D.C. Newborn Photographer

I spent this past Saturday on the road and in D.C. for a newborn session. I did Meghan's maternity pictures a little over a month ago and not long after, her beautiful Hayden was born. She had told me she would be interested in newborn photos so I had taken a peek at the nursery in their house when I was there last time and I loved it!!! When Meghan contacted me after Hayden was born about setting a date for pictures, I was so excited because I immediately knew the nursery was the perfect place! The walls are a pretty blue-purple (anyone know the name of that color?) and above the changing table are little squares that spell out Hayden, which were made by Meghan's sister.

We had so much fun finding cute places to put Hayden and I'm so excited with how these newborn photos turned out! Babies are so photogenic. :) And I'm thankful Meghan and her mom put up with my crazy ideas like putting a baby in a drawer. Haha!! Enjoy the photos, everyone!

Finally asleep!


  1. Ohh my gosh, so cute! I love baby photoshoots. <3

  2. OMG...such cute pics!!!! You got real talent;) I loveee that baby pic with the rings on the big toe, super cute:D

    Thx for dropping by my blog and yes, you definitely need to hit up Granville island if you ever visit Vancouver!!!


  3. Cool pictures. Aw the first one is cute too. :)

  4. Meredith these are actually fantastic. Wonderful job!! :) Favorites:: 2&4 -- The wall (lavender, maybe? haha) brings out her beautiful eyes!

  5. Oh wow these are absolutely amazing. Cutest photos ever - great job :)