Monday, February 4, 2013

Bethany | Crozet, Virginia Portrait Photographer

This past Friday consisted of visiting a new coffee shop over the mountain called the Mudhouse with my friend Bethany and having a somewhat impromptu photoshoot afterwards in a really neat location I had never been to before. It's been so nice having Bethany around since I came home from school. I get to have Small Group with her and a couple other girls every Wednesday morning at Starbucks and also, since B recently felt God calling her somewhere other than where she was working, she's had some time off figuring out exactly what she's being called to do so we've had a lot of fun watching Pretty Little Liars, talking about photography for hours, and enjoying life together. Bethany and I both find joy in exploring/being outside and because Friday was the epitome (did I even use that word correctly?) of exploring, it was a fabulous day.

When we finished sipping on our coffee, we ventured out in Crozet to a cute little park with an abandoned barn. There was a flowing stream, rows of trees, a tire swing, and beautiful light! So Bethany and I spent an hour in the 10 degree weather taking turns photographing one another and trying out new poses and lighting situations! We were just a bit cold once we returned to the car and yes, I did have to turn the key in the ignition with both hands because I couldn't feel my fingers but it was 100% worth it! I will do anything for a good picture! Sometimes it's hard to photograph in the winter because the trees are lacking color and it can get boring but this beautiful barn was just what I would want to find for a winter photoshoot! There's so much waiting to be found if you just get out and drive down roads you've never been on! :) If you're a photographer like me, I live for photographing new locations and new people! So Bethany, thanks for braving the bitter cold with me! I hope you love these pictures!

P.S. Some of Bethany's lovely shots of me can be found here! :)


  1. oh, these are gorgeous, girl!!! :) she is so beautiful--i love her smile, and her fashion sense. :) gorgeous! great job, Meredith.


  2. Love them all! Very beautiful locations too :)

  3. You are SO GOOD. I wish wish wish I could edit my colored shots like you!

  4. These are gorgeous. You did a beautiful job, Meredith!

  5. These are beautiful photos. Such a pretty location and lovely soft light, all worth the freezing hands although I would never have guessed it with all the lovely smiles.