Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Spontaneous Adventure

I'm one to plan spontaneous adventures in my head. I am constantly dreaming of freely walking around LA, enjoying the warmth and fun shops on the side of the road you always see in t.v. shows. I am constantly dreaming of days in the state of Washington where I can walk through the lush, green forests and discover hole-in-the-wall coffee shops (in Seattle). I am constantly dreaming of visiting New York, staying in a grand hotel for only one night and sitting in Central Park on a nice, spring day. I'm constantly dreaming of visiting Hawaii, Paris, New Zealand.... Can you tell I've been deprived of travel? Haha. I read one too many books, look at one too many photographs, and watch one too many shows where people enjoy the most beautiful cities and their lives seem so picturesque. Maybe it just comes across that way but I feel like a life with travel is a life worth so much. One day I'll save up my money and go somewhere on a whim. My first stop is definitely Los Angeles. Anyone heard of Couchsurfing? Possibly the best way to go on a budget.

And here are some recent pictures. Have a fabulous Wednesday, everyone!!


  1. I love (LOVE LOVE) spontaneous adventures, and am always up for one. These shots are lovely!

  2. Look up YL couch surfing! That's the only way I would do it :)

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. :) Couchsurfing, I imagine it means finding loose change under the covers, LOL.