Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Study Break

It's been different with everyone being at school this semester. I mean, I spent every day with my friends in high school and then all of a sudden, everyone leaves. It's an adjustment but thankfully it's getting closer to Christmas break and my friends are slowly making their way back to Waynesboro. On Tuesday of last week, I went up with my friend Kari to go steal Becca away from her exam studying for a little lunch break. After struggling through the town of Charlottesville, Kari and I finally found Becca's precious little dorm. We picked her up and took a bus to the Corner, the famous strip at UVA with lots of fun shops and restaurants. Sandwiches were eaten at a cute little deli and after, we got the grand tour of the well-known UVA that I live so close to and have only visited once. Crazy, right? Well, it's a beautiful place and I had fun walking around the grounds and taking a few pictures. I'm thankful for visits with friends during this wonderful season. Thank you, college, for giving my friends a month off from school.


  1. I love these!!! The 5ht picture is so amazing!!!

  2. these are beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you get to enjoy your friends during break, unfortunately for me break means being away from all my friends... enjoy them! :) I don't think I ever told you how much I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures! :) oh, just wanna let you know I have a new blog: xoxo