Friday, December 21, 2012

Giving Gifts

My life has consisted of mostly shopping lately. It's been exhausting, but has made me feel warm and fuzzy inside because I've found some good stuff. :) I'm the type of person who loves to find that perfect gift. I have to love what I'm getting someone. I'm not going to buy a gift just because I feel the need to. I want to find (or make) something that's unique and one-of-a-kind, even if that means I don't give it until next Christmas because I found it later. Giving can be something we start to feel obligated to do this time of year and I'm here to say, don't feel that way. If you get a gift but don't give one, it's okay. If you give a gift and don't get one, it's okay. Giving isn't about getting something back. Give out of the goodness of your heart and enjoy the "thank yous," smiles, and hugs you receive because that's far better than anything else.


  1. I'm convinced that there's nothing better than bokeh at Christmas time :) It just feels like Christmas to me :)

  2. your dog is so photogenic. lovely, and gift giving is just as good as receiving! xo and merry christmas!