Thursday, December 27, 2012

Anna + Quinton | Staunton, Virginia Family Photographer

Last week I got the privilege of photographing Anna and Quinton. Anna and Quinton are siblings and my family has known them for quite sometime, thanks to soccer back in the day. Those were great years but now Quinton is about to graduate from college and Anna just finished her first semester at Mary Washington! When everyone starts to grow up, it seems like pictures become less of a priority so I'm very glad I was able to help them make their mom's wish for pictures of them come true. Thank you both for allowing me to do that for you! I hope you love them!


  1. these are so cute! love the t-shirt shots at the end! xo :)

  2. these are so cute! :) i love their smiles... they're so real, and happy. ;)

    great job, Meredith!

    xo | mikailah

  3. awesome! their smiles are so genuine :) i love it when siblings do photo shoots together!