Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Writing and Music

I'm still alive after a long, full week of work! Let's just say I got my exercise running up and down hills with C-stands and carts holding giant iMacs. Yep. And waking up at 6 in the morning for too many days in a row can wear you out but I can't complain because I realize once I'm doing nothing that I'd much rather be doing something.

I'm thankful and since I've had some free time, all I've wanted to do lately is write and listen to classical music. Oh, and Fernando Ortega. What is it about mixing the two (writing and music) that's so satisfying and calming? 

This beautiful journal was painted by one of my best friends. Isn't is awesome?!


  1. these are beautiful, Meredith! :) writing a listening to music is SO relaxing... and very inspirational. love this, girl! xx

  2. THAT is a lovely cover for a notebook. ;) Love it, and the last picture is my ultimate fave.