Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's the Greatest Time of Year and It's Here

This time of year is my favorite. How many times do I have to say it? It's knowing I can wear flannel pants to bed and pull the covers up to my neck. It's walking out of Target and seeing the first snowflake of the year. It's spending hours in my room reading, huddled with a blanket on a beanbag. It's the slower pace of life due to cancellations from bad weather. It's learning to find things that inspire me when the cold temperatures make it a bit harder than usual. It's cooking when I'm bored. It's listening to She & Him every day just knowing memories from the year before will come flooding back. It's warm tea in my hands. It's knowing I get to see my brothers twice in a short period of time, once at Thanksgiving and once at Christmas. It's going on walks with my mom and dog, wrapped up in so many layers. It's all of the glorious food that we have a love-hate relationship with. It's decorations, it's blasting the heat in my car, it's buying the perfect gift, it's thankfulness, it's the end of fall and the beginning of winter.


  1. your photography is just really beautiful, okaY? it's unfurling into something magical.

    1. Thanks Jocee! That makes me happy to hear you say that.

  2. ah! i love these and your words. this is what i love too :)

  3. okay, i love these, Meredith! that one of you in b&w is SO gorgeous, and creative. love all these! ;) xx

  4. Love capture real life so well! I'm the same way...I love the slower pace of life that accompanies snow storms and the like. :)