Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thoughts From a Girl

A few things....

1. I just bought a flash, you guys. A flash. And I wanted to buy a lens instead. But this flash will bring me great joy in dark places. So I had to buy it.
2. I've been entering giveaways like it's my job lately. I better win something good sometime soon.
3. I reallllly want an iPad. The problem is I really don't know what I'd do with it. I think I have a case of the Apples.
4. I put my battery grip on my camera and now it's like one hundred and fifty eight pounds heavier. Is it worth all that?
5. I haven't had Starbucks in a week (it was really hard) and I conveniently have about five coffee dates the rest of this week so I'm going to have to start over with that little money-saving, dieting shenanigan next week. ;)
6. I like opals and am fascinated by nice rings.
7. There are reasons why I haven't been shopping since the summer. Well, one obvious reason. I spend money. But I went to Charlottesville a couple days ago and bought stuff... And that flash I had to buy? Yeah. Bye bye money. Meredith needs to go to Shoppers Anonymous.
9. I love fall more than life itself.
10. I have done a lot of driving lately and it's been totally awesome because I love driving.
11. I'm going to see Jackson Browne today and I don't really know who he is....
12. The Vampire Diaries is back on.


  1. Oh, that last picture, Meredith... just beautiful, girl! And the one before... and the first one. *faints* Oh, and the 2nd and 3rd one. Wait, that's all of them... oh well! ;)

    Okay. Ahem. These are just exquisite, Meredith! Love all of these. And congrats on buying a flash! That is exciting. {although a lens would have been nice too. ;)}


    1. Mikailah!! Your comments are always so encouraging and wonderful! Thank you so much!