Thursday, October 25, 2012

Change It Up

I'm realizing more and more how inspired I am by fall. I cannot get over the bright colors, the crisp air, and the push I feel to take more creative pictures. I haven't been good about pushing myself to be creative lately. In fact, because I've never considered myself a very creative person in the first place, I often get frustrated with my photos, but this weather and this season make me want to do something different. I want to go somewhere new, I want to photograph someone fairly comfortable in front of a camera, I want to play with different types of light, and I want to edit differently. I feel like my style is definitely bright, colorful, and genuine but sometimes it's important to try something new. You don't necessarily have to be someone you're not but it's good to change it up a bit every now and then. I'm always so focused on lighting that sometimes I forget about posing and that's not good. Some people are so focused on posing that they forget about lighting. It's a balancing act for sure and I hope sometime soon I'm able to challenge myself to do a shoot that's new and fun.


  1. daw, y'all are cute. i can see the resemblance!

  2. you and your mom are so pretty! as are all the fall leaves :)