Thursday, October 18, 2012


Ever since I got into photography, I've loved, loved, loved anything to do with modeling. I started wacthing America's Next Top Model a couple years ago and have been obsessed with it since! I love learning from Tyra, watching the models, and seeing the difference between a good photo and a bad. I love posing in front of the camera myself, too, as you can probably tell. I may not be the most photogenic person in the world but by doing self portraits, I've learned a lot about how to pose myself so that I look better on camera, which helps me pose others. I also follow a lot of blogs that feature models and it's such a blast seeing how the photographer captures a photo and what makes it interesting. Is it the editing, the pose, the model herself/himself, the lighting?

With all that being said, I will take any chance I get to see a runway show or a photoshoot or anything of the sort. I LOVE IT. So when Elise told me she was going to be walking in a local fashion show to support breast cancer, I was all like, "LET ME COME AND TAKE PICTURES!" So I did! The show had hired photographers but I just sat and took a few shots. I wasn't at the best angle but I still want to share these because everyone looked beautiful and I was so impressed!

 Look at that hair!!


  1. These are so cool, Meredith! I love watching ANTM, too - I've been practicing my smise :)

  2. I love modeling too! It's so fun but so hard for me to take self-shots. ANTM is an awesome show, I love it too. :)

  3. Great job, keep it up :) I love the black and white shot...and the last few pictures are my favorite.

  4. These are awesome girl! How fun! I'd love to shoot at a runway one day!