Monday, October 1, 2012

Liz + James | Lexington, Virginia Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure once again on Saturday to assist Lauren at an absolutely stunning Lexington wedding that I successfully drove to all by myself without getting lost! Hallelujah!!! Haha. The wedding took place at Lee Chapel on the Washington and Lee campus and what with the gorgeous red-headed bride and Scottish, kilt-wearing groom, I'd say everything was absolutely perfect.

As a second shooter, I've really enjoyed being able to step back, let Lauren shoot, and watch for little moments that she wouldn't possibly be able to capture as the main photographer. It's hard because I want to have shots where the bride is looking at me but it's just as fun to get those candid pictures from the side. Different angles are so necessary!

I have already learned so much about the layout of a wedding day, how to use off-camera flash, how to pose better, and what lenses are good for different parts of the day. It really is amazing what hands-on experience can do for you. I have watched videos of people shooting weddings and read hundreds of blogs about shooting weddings but nothing quite measures up to actually being there and learning from trial and error. I know I say this a lot but I really am blessed and I cannot thank Lauren and Sera enough for allowing me to learn from them. I'm having an absolute blast. :)

But now, here are my pictures! I am terrible at narrowing down images but hopefully you won't mind. :)

 Liz's gorgeous sister. Love that red hair!


  1. Wow! You did a fantastic job! The wedding looks beautiful through your camera ;) Were they scottish? [i just had to ask]

    1. Hi Zoë! The groom was Scottish, yes! :)

  2. What a fun looking wedding!
    I love these pictures, they're simply gorgeous :)

  3. Wow, these are amazing! You got some stunning shots!! Great job! :)

  4. these are stunning, Meredith!! you did a great job! :)

  5. Meredith, these are wonderful! the black and whites of the bride before the wedding and bouquet photos are lovely. great job!

  6. these are so so so awesome! I think you captured all the details perfectly :) and the location looks beautiful!

  7. these are gorgeous, Meredith! wow. :)

  8. wow. beautiful. <3

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  9. HER DRESS THOUGH. so gorgeous. love all of these shots meredith! internet high five!