Friday, October 12, 2012


I am totally in love with film and I have no idea why I don't shoot with it more often. Wait, yes I do. The only reason I don't shoot with it all the time is because I have to pay for the pictures and it adds up! It's totally worth it, though!

Sera has a Mamiya medium format film camera and I want it so badly! I haven't gotten to take any pictures on a medium format yet but I've seen pictures taken with them and I'm in love. What an amazing piece of equipment. Just seeing Sera shoot with hers made me want to get my AE-1 (35mm) out and shoot a roll. I got a roll of Fuji film from my Photography teacher last year and thought it was about time I use it! So I took some shots on Wednesday and took a few yesterday until the roll was gone. I'm not the best about savoring my film and making it last. Haha. But I got scans yesterday and was absolutely thrilled to find that they were all in focus and properly exposed for the most part. WINNING. And I loooove the colors of the Fuji film. Fantastic stuff. So here are my shots. :)

 He's my only model these days. A cute one who likes treats, though.


  1. Aww that last picture is soo cute! :D Love how his eyes just pop right of the picture.

  2. beautiful photos! I love your blog.

  3. Are these unedited? They're gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks Pat! Yes, they are completely unedited! I just got them scanned at CVS!