Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sometimes we just need to explore. I sat in my house almost all day yesterday and I think it was because I was exhausted but today I had to go somewhere to do something, whether that meant shopping, driving around, or working out. I decided that I'd go explore with my camera since shopping never ends well for my bank account and I was not in the mood for the gym.

I hopped in my newly vacuumed car and set off to a scenic overlook on the interstate. Since the sun was out and the leaves were changing, I figured that would be a good starting place. After taking a few shots there, I ventured over the mountain to Crozet and just rode around. I found some really neat places that I'd never been to before and just parked my car and walked. It was fantastic. Today's weather was absolutely perfect for a little adventure to be alone and clear my mind. If you ever find yourself without something to do, go take pictures (get a disposable if you don't have a digital), and if you don't like to take pictures, go for a walk in an area you've never been to before. It's loads of fun.

 Fall in the valley is beautiful.


  1. Great pictures, Meredith! The last two photos were my favorites. :)

  2. These are beautiful, Meredith!! :) I love taking walks, and taking pictures, and TOGETHER they are the best ever. ;) xx

  3. Wowee! Do you live in the country?
    Love the pictures, I so wish I lived in the country or something.

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

    1. Hi Rachel!! I live in a town in Virginia but there are farms everywhere and a lot of people live in the country, but I unfortunately don't. I can drive five minutes and be on a farm, though! :) It's wonderful and trust me, I wish I lived in the country too!

  4. Exploring and photo walks are always such a pleasure. You made some really nice photos!