Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, apparently there's a huge hurricane on the east coast right now but if I wasn't watching the news, I probably wouldn't know. It's only raining here but New Jersey, New York, and Maryland are really feeling the effects of the storm. I don't know what to expect in the 'Boro but I'm hoping it'll just be gentle. Haha. Not to make any jokes but schools are cancelled even here and I know it's just a precaution but if they are cancelling schools, I'm assuming it's going to get bad sometime soon. So Sandy, calm down. If you do anything, please snow instead of rain.

But while we're all stuck inside our houses, bored out of our minds, I just wanted to share a couple photos.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Digital or Film

Lately, I've been swooning over the look of film. I seriously love it so much and I never thought I'd say that. I always thought I'd be that person who wanted to shoot digitally forever. But to tell you the truth, I'd love to make the switch to shooting solely film one day. That day is not now and probably not for another five years but someday, I'm going to shoot a wedding, or at least a portrait session, with film.

I bought VSCO for Lightroom a couple months ago and was disappointed at first that I spent the money on it. Weird, right? Because now I'm loving it. I seriously am the most indecisive person. I change my mind so much and my love for a certain look in photos is ever-changing. I can't decide right now if I like bright, crisp images or grainy, film-looking images better. I think it's a tie and that's really a problem because I can't do both. Haha. There's got to be a consistency in my pictures.

Anyway, as I spend the next few weeks playing around with VSCO and trying to decide what I want my brand, in terms of photos, to look like, do enjoy these self portraits I took on Friday. I really tried to think out of the box for these and I'm incredibly thrilled with how they turned out. Enjoy!

P.S. If you can't tell by now from pictures of me on here and on my Facebook page, brushing my hair has gotten old. I'm starting a new trend of tangly hair.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Change It Up

I'm realizing more and more how inspired I am by fall. I cannot get over the bright colors, the crisp air, and the push I feel to take more creative pictures. I haven't been good about pushing myself to be creative lately. In fact, because I've never considered myself a very creative person in the first place, I often get frustrated with my photos, but this weather and this season make me want to do something different. I want to go somewhere new, I want to photograph someone fairly comfortable in front of a camera, I want to play with different types of light, and I want to edit differently. I feel like my style is definitely bright, colorful, and genuine but sometimes it's important to try something new. You don't necessarily have to be someone you're not but it's good to change it up a bit every now and then. I'm always so focused on lighting that sometimes I forget about posing and that's not good. Some people are so focused on posing that they forget about lighting. It's a balancing act for sure and I hope sometime soon I'm able to challenge myself to do a shoot that's new and fun.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Warmer Weather

It's oddly warm out today and I'm confused as to where fall went. I want to feel content in my jeans and sweaters but it looks like I'm shedding the cardigan and boots until the 60 degree weather comes back. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees and the peak of autumn is over, despite today's strange weather. I'm excited to enjoy the rest of the season and get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't know why the two best holidays are so close together but it's fine by me because it makes me enjoy this time of year even more. I'm thrilled about what the rest of this year will bring and I hope I finally figure what the next few years will look like for me. What are you excited about in the upcoming two months?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Welcome, Baby Blanco

I got to do something really special on Saturday. I got to visit my Young Life leaders and their new baby boy in the hospital. I didn't expect to get to visit in the hospital but I did on a whim with a couple other friends and I'm so glad I did. Baby Blanco is the most perfect, beautiful child I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. :) It's so much more exciting when you actually know the couple when a baby is born because you know you're going to get to see him/her grow up (him in this case). Alison and Dave are going to be the most wonderful parents and I seriously am so excited for them. After holding their little one, swaddled in a blue and white hospital blanket, I can see why having a child is so incredible. What a blessing. God is so cool.