Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wisdom Teeth

This is the week I had to say goodbye to my three wisdom teeth that were oh so full of wisdom. :( I don't know why we have wisdom teeth if they just have to be removed. It really is beyond me, but I'm glad it's over with. 

Well, actually, I'm already exaggerating. Yes, I'm glad it's over with but I probably had the best wisdom teeth surgery that has ever been done. I must have had the best doctor on the face of the planet also because I had absolutely NO swelling and I haven't felt a bit of pain yet. YAY. I even ate pasta the day of my surgery and had Sweet Frog today. The worst part was getting up out of my bed too fast yesterday, blacking out, feeling nauseous, and sweating bullets for no reason at all. Thankfully, that only lasted a few minutes. Haha. :)

Not realizing I would have this great of an experience, I lived up the days before my surgery with my best friend who I hadn't seen in a year! I met Hampton when I was about three and no matter how long it is between seeing each other, everything is always the same. Once a best friend, always a best friend. We chatted about college and music, watched the Vampire Diaries, ate way too much food with sugar in it, and we spent the day at a lovely pool that I wish I was a member of. It was splendid and I'm so glad I finally was able to see her. :)


  1. Ohh... these are beautiful! :) You gals are both so pretty! Lovely pictures, Meredith!

  2. looks like so much fun! love those photos.

  3. It seems like you two had a wonderfully girly time! And mmm, I love Ben & Jerry's (and Starbucks)!

  4. awh! I'm glad it went so well! ^_^
    Those pictures are *fantastic*. Looks like you had a swell time. :D

  5. beautiful photos! I just found your blog, and I love your style of photography.. I'm going to have fun creeping your blog posts now ;)


  6. Hahaha, I love the one of you on the trampoline! Looks like you were having a lot of fun!
    I have to get my wisdom teeth out over Christmas break... I hope my surgery goes as well as yours! :P

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