Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lights Off, Blinds Down

Well, it’s been an interesting past few days, if I do say so myself. My family has been without power for about forty hours now but so has most of my town and state. 
On Friday night, two of my friends and I had planned to go see the movie Ted at the theater. The showing started at 9:50 but since the movie had premiered that day, we decided to meet at 9. I got there a little before then, struggled to find a parking spot, and when I finally did, I got out and waited outside so the three of us could get tickets together. 

I waited for about two minutes when all of a sudden, the lights in and outside the theater went off. They flickered for a couple seconds, went off for a bit again, and then came back on. Those steps repeated until all of a sudden, a gust of wind picked up and almost knocked me down. That’s no exaggeration. My shirt literally almost came off and I could not stand. Mulch and leaves were flying everywhere and I decided once I couldn’t see from it getting in my eye, I had better go inside. People were in a panic. Everyone ran inside and as the lights continued to flicker, I said a little prayer that there wouldn’t be a tornado. When Annie and Alli got there, we stood in line and wondered what in the world was going on. The manager came out and told us the movies would still be showing but that because the power went off, it interrupted the showings and they had to get everything set back up. We decided to stay since it was probably too dangerous to drive home and also, we were in a pretty safe building. The movie started a little late and was interrupted about five times from the power going off, but we finally were able to see the movie in its entirety and it was worth the wait! Haha! 

As I drove home in the complete dark of the roads, I was curious as to what the damage was. The streetlights were out, the stoplights weren’t working, and the houses had no lights on. I got home and ours as well, had no power. The house began to get warm upstairs but I made it through the night without dying of being overheated. Haha.

Mom and I got up the next morning to find that our yard was thankfully in pretty good shape but the rest of the town wasn’t. No, it wasn’t like we had a tornado or hurricane but the wind that tore trees out of the ground and pulled power lines down only went on for an hour or so. It’s crazy what wind can do.

So, basically, everyone is still out of power, the governor declared Virginia in a state of emergency, and the restoration in terms on power outages is equivalent to what would happen during a hurricane. It’s insane. It could have been worse but we’re all hoping the air comes back on soon because it’s sickening when you’re not used to it. 

All I’ve done this past two days is drive in my air-conditioned car, lay in a baby pool, and drink Starbucks. I guess I can’t complain. All the quiet of no internet, no music, no t.v., no air purifiers, no fans, and no air condition has made me realize three things. One, I’m not very good at being bored. Two, I need this kind of peace more often. And three, it’s hard to look at the positive side when something out of the ordinary happens. BUT, like I said, it really could have been so much worse. I don’t have anything to complain about and I’m just glad life will be back on track in the next day or so.


  1. Wow! That doesnt sound fun at all!
    Praying your power will come back on soon!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  2. hopefully the power comes back soon!
    also. i'm in love with the first and last four photos. so beautiful.

  3. I'm so glad you are all okay! Wow.. this year has been BAD with fires, floods, tornadoes, etc. I'll be praying your power comes back on! That is no fun in that heat... :/ Sounds like a pretty good schedule, though. ;)


  4. That's exactly what happened here too! I was just standing outside with my sister then all the sudden the wind began blowing crazily! Our lights flickered like that too. Thankfully our power didn't go out but a huge tree fell down blocking the road.

    It looks like you made the best out of it though!! Starbucks can make anything better. :) I love all of your photos as usual and your dog just looks so chill! :) I'm glad you got to see the movie finally! Was it really that good? I have been a skeptic of it...

    1. Really?! Do you live in Virginia? It's been insane. We still don't have power.

      And the movie was hilarious but it's definitely rated correctly as R. I don't think the messages it conveys are good but overall, that doesn't bother me too much because I love to laugh! :)

  5. :P :P That's crazy!! I am really not fond of tornadoes. We get a lot around here. I'm glad you were safe! I always think power outages are kinda fun. ^_^ I'm weird though....Fun pictures! Glad to see you're making the best of it. lol. <3 Hope your power comes back on soon!

  6. It seems that its great to turn lights off and put the blinds down and rest inside the house. I think that it would be great to regulate enough lights inside the room. I know that everyone wanted a comfortable room.

  7. Wow, that must be so stressful! HOpe everything settles down for you soon!

  8. I hope the power goes back on soon for you! That must be really hard since it's been so hot lately! Stay cool! :) Lovely photos!

  9. I totally missed all of this while I was on vacation! I'm glad you're trying to look on the bright side of all of it... and I'm sure you have your power back by now, right? The baby pool looks fun :)