Saturday, June 23, 2012

Missing Out On the Experience

I've been thinking a lot about blogging and photography lately and I've come to realize something. I've come to realize photography changed from an art form to a chore for me. Well, I don't know if chore is the right word but let's just say I was taking pictures only for the blog, not for myself, especially before I got my new camera.

I realized I was taking so many pictures of pointless things (in my opinion) that I didn't know what a creative picture was anymore. After I got thinking, I realized this started after my blog began getting a sufficient amount of readers. I felt like I needed to photograph everything that happened in my life so I could share it on this blog! I loved it but slowly, it wasn't very fun anymore and my pictures weren't very interesting. I looked through all of my blog posts and saw a pattern. Most of my pictures were of flowers. Flowers are beautiful but they're photogenic and it's easy to make a picture of a flower look good. I still love flowers but my goal is to photograph nature less.

My oldest brother (who takes pictures, as well) said something when he was home for graduation that I had been thinking about a lot. He said, "Sometimes it's better not to take your camera everywhere because you miss out on what's actually happening." Isn't it true?! I had been limiting where I took my camera before he said that, but hearing it from him made it more clear. It helped me see that it's OKAY to not bring your camera places but if you do, don't feel like you have to take pictures of everything and everyone.

Lately, I've done a better job of only taking photographs of things I think are interesting or different. I may break this rule when I go on vacation or when I travel and that's okay, but I think it's time to blog less but blog more efficiently. You guys may not be able to tell a difference but rather than feeling like I need to take all the pictures I blog in one post at the same time, I'm going to take pictures when I feel like it, throughout the week.

It's a freeing feeling to do this and I'm sure many other bloggers have felt the same way. So trust me, I'll be blogging, but I'm hoping my pictures will be better quality. Maybe not dramatically different, but hopefully at least for me, I'll feel more organized and creative.

I don't think this simple realization changed anything that much but ironically, I've had the most energized week and have been so content. I have enjoyed life more than I have in years and I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am. I hope this first set of pictures will adequately give you a peek at my life lately.


  1. I. LOVED. THIS. Serious. The ones of her holding the dog? And the ones of you guys jumping? Holy goshbubbles.

  2. gorgeous design, pictures, and totally relate-able words. I completely know where you're coming from as I'm in the same state of mind. seriously, thanks for posting. <3

  3. love!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  4. Absolutely Fab! <3 <3 sooo cute! I love the shot of the VW. xD epic. The pic of you guys jumping is darling. An' I love the one of the dude and the artwork. :D :D <3 great post Meredith. ^_^

  5. I LOVE your new blog design hon, looks FAB!!! And your pictures are so so fun:)

  6. love love love this post. i've been thinking about not taking my camera wherever i go too -- sometimes it's best to just enjoy the moment, right? i can't wait to see what you come up with, girl! :)

  7. I love these photos! :) I definitely agree, sometimes it's much better just to leave the camera at home and live in the moment.

  8. LOVE this post Meredith!! SO true!


  9. I support your efforts moving forward with a more thoughtful process. I think the content and your blog will flourish with the mindful, deliberate creation of things that make you proud. (: