Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Last Week In June

Summer is just flying by. I hate the feeling but I really have had so many opportunities to get out and enjoy life the past two weeks that I don't know what to do with myself. I was bored for most of June and then all of a sudden, I've been able to hang out with people I've missed so much this past year. And not only have I been able to hang out, I've been able to do things I've never done before. There's so much to experience if you just open yourself up for adventure! That's the cheesiest thing I've ever said but I'm realizing more and more how good it is to be carefree. This week (and last week) has been an absolute blessing and I guess you could say I'm living up my last summer before college begins. It's a time of freedom and I think it's important to enjoy it!!

This week I....

• Swam and relaxed at Goshen Pass with a group of friends
• Listened to some absolutely fabulous live music at Chick-fil-A's Unplugged night
• Went antiquing with Hallie and Jessie
• Ate at Shenandoah Pizza and took pictures in downtown Staunton
• Saw All Shook Up, a ShenanArts play
• Shopped with Jennifer at Barracks Road, ate Panera, and shopped some more at the mall
• Spent a few hours with Melo at EMU sitting in on a worship service at a LIFT camp and listening to Heartsong for the second time
• Played some tennis
• Ate McAlister's and watched Pretty Little Liars
• Made banana pudding with my best friend


  1. Beautiful pictures, Meredith! It is SO hard to believe that it is almost July! How time flies. Such a beautiful post. You are so pretty! :)


  2. amazing photos, Meredith!! It all looks like so much fun! <3 I love your antique shopping pictures. They're beautiful. I absolutely love antiwue stores! ^_^
    This post was totally fun.

  3. Loving all of these photos! Seems to me like you're having a pretty good summer so far. ;)

  4. i can't believe you just said antiquing. yes! we are one in the same! :) it's so much fun.
    the lighting in these are gorgeous! love love love banana pudding :)

  5. Cute pictures! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! :D

  6. i can't say much else except: that is one doggone large chick-fil-a. i'm coming over scat!