Monday, June 18, 2012

Edit This Photo 4

Editing has never been my strong point but because of that, I've been challenged to take great pictures in camera so I don't necessarily have to do much. One person who is amazing with Photoshop is Alex Beadon, though. I talk about her every so often because I admire her creativity and also, her editing. It's really incredible. Go take a look at her Facebook page and go through her pictures. You'll be in awe.

Alex does a project sometimes called Edit This Photo where she puts one of her RAW files on her blog for everyone to download and edit. I've talked about that before since I've participated every time she's done it, including this time. Here's her unedited RAW file and my edited file for this month's project. The original is on top and my edit is on the bottom. Hopefully you can tell a difference this time, unlike all the other times I entered. Haha. Go check her blog to see all the other edits!


  1. beautiful, dahling! thanks for joining the colab ;)

  2. Meredith! It's been so long since I last visited that you have a whole new look! I'm loving it :) Congrats! And secondly, thanks so much for participating in this month's edit this photo! YOU ROCK. :) Big hugs and I hope you have an awesome day! xoxo

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    1. Hi Cassandra! This actually isn't me! It's one of Alex Beadon's models. She took this picture. But I do agree, the makeup looks wonderful! :)

  4. Your edit looks great, Meredith! Photoshop is definitely a learning process, still trying to expand my abilities in that area. :-) Thanks for sharing your edit with us.


  5. like your edit, it's very nice. (:
    following your blog!

  6. I love your edit! It makes the red of her hair look... RED.
    And I'm not the best at editing either but I did check out her blog and it's AMAZING how many different ways there is to edit one picture. Incredible.