Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It's too often that I'm looking for something to photograph, rather than waiting for something to photograph. And what do I mean by that? I mean that I end up taking pictures of pointless things and later want to delete the photos because they're lame. I admit I do that all the time. It may sound strange but I hate that it's so easy to take a picture these days that I don't even think before I do so. 

It's too often that I don't have my camera when I see something worth photographing. I'll be walking down a street and see a beautiful shadow on a building, I'll be traveling down the road and see a purple tree amongst the green ones, I'll be waking up in the morning and see dew on the trees. I either never have enough time to take a picture, I don't feel confident capturing it, I don't have a lens that will do it justice, or I just don't have my camera. Excuses, excuses, right?

And somehow all that is what brings me to the next point. I, along with many others, complain about the kit lens. ALL THE TIME. I don't really like my kit lens. For those of you who may not know, a kit lens is the one that comes with your camera and is usually an 18-55mm for SLRs like mine. Anyway, I don't use this lens very often because I don't think the image it creates is that spectacular, especially compared to fixed lenses. BUT, I've come to realize, you can take great pictures with it! Maybe not of people since you need that smooth, clean, proportionate photo to make someone look good, but for nature and buildings and whatnot? It's actually great. 

I wanted to prove this fact to you so I have some photos to show that you can take good pictures and achieve background blur (which is what everyone is attracted to in a picture) with a kit lens. All you need to do is zoom all the way in to 55mm and get fairly close to your subject. Everything else that you aren't focused on will then blur out just like on a fixed lens! YAY. 

I realize not all these pictures are exciting and they may go into that "Delete Pile" eventually but for now, they work! :) Hope this helps at least one person!

P.S. 100 followers?! I'm blown away from happiness. There will be a giveaway soon, my friends!


  1. I needed this post today...I've been jonesing for a 50mm (no funds) so I've had to use my kit lens all.the.time. But! I can't wait to try out these tips! Thanks Tumblr buddy :)

  2. Wow. The shadows in that first one are so cool! Great shots, Meredith.


  3. Hi Meredith! I got your comment from my blog! I would love too swap buttons with you for sure!
    I love your photos too ;)
    I can grab your button from here, and you can grab any that you would like from my blog :)
    So nice working with you!
    Amy xo

  4. These are great! You got some really nice bokeh in there. Congrats on 100 followers; you deserve it :)

  5. Loving the first photo, lighting is lovely. Gorgeous bed too ;)
    Certainly don't worry about the lenses that you have. I have expensive lenses but most of the time I carry my 50 1.8. I think it's a challenge to take great photos with limited equipment. Try buying cheap film cameras.

  6. that first photo with the shadow is amazing!!!! great job!!!

  7. beautiful photos! I love the first <3 Also, I often feel your frustration with the kit lens. The lack of bokeh in the background is irritating to say the least.

  8. Okay, I have to say that 80% of the macro/close photos on my blog are taken with my kit lens. I don't have a fixed lens.
    So, just like any other lens, if you practice with it enough, you'll learn how to work beyond it's quirks and get a great picture!
    Good post!

  9. they are prettier and lovely colours... great shots :D

    are you interesting to have your blog update, or a sketching drawn looks like you? I'm doing the giveway and its last chance to enter before in 7 hours, i will be revealing who is the winner :D

  10. Hello, Mere! I´ll tell you the reason I am here reading at your blog almost everyday: I am sure you could snap a very good picture every time you have any kind of camera or lenses . . . I swear you could be the next Ansel Adams or George Lepp if you'd want! ;)


    1. That is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Wow. Thanks, Yeni!