Sunday, April 15, 2012

A House of Animals

Only about once or twice a year do I get to care for the neighbor's various pets. But this week was one of those weeks. My neighbors had to leave town suddenly and mom and I were put in charge. It is hard work to take care of all these creatures but it's so fun! I adore animals and these are no exception. If mom and I are taking care of your animals, know they're in good hands. Haha. :) Meet Butter, Missy, Malley, and Mr. Lizard, whom I don't know the name of. Oh, and also, they have another cat that was hiding, another lizard, and a dog that was at the vet. Ahahaha. They love animals.


  1. the second to last one = whoaa! super cool :) looks like you have a busy job!

  2. love that orange kitty. and that second-to-last one... he looks like he's up to something ;)


  3. Awesome photos! They sure do have a ton of animals! :)