Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's always good to get away. Don't you agree? I spent the last two nights in North Carolina with my mom, grandma, and grandpa, and as always, it was lovely. It's funny how much I love roadtrips, no matter where we go. When we spend time with my grandparents, we never do anything. They don't have internet and aren't in the greatest health so we can't hike a mountain or anything, but we just hang out and it's wonderful. I listen to my grandpa sing songs to the Lord all throughout the day and I admire all the scarves, curtains, and pillows that my grandma has sewn. Gosh, I love them both. Their love for my family is incredible and every time I go, I feel it. There's no love more powerful than a grandparents'. Here are my pictures from the trip. :)


  1. Ah roadtrips are the best!!!! this is why my husband and I have decided to drive around Europe instead of using the train.
    Your relationship with your grandparents is beautiful, and it's wonderful that you got to spend quality time with them. What a blessing!
    Love the last photo too!

  2. Oh my goodness -- I live in North Carolina! Funny thing though, is I suppose while you were in N.C. I was in Virginia! Ha! VA is absolutely beautiful, by the way. The scenery is amazing.

    Gorgeous photos, Meredith!

  3. Beautiful photos indeed =)
    This is my tumblr:

    Kiss Kiss

  4. Lovely, lovely, always!

  5. I feel like I can COUNT the leaves on those trees! Crisp and sharp! Nice to meet you from one photographer to another : )
    DoublClik Photo Blog

  6. sounds like it was a sweet trip and i adore your pictures as usual hon!!!