Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sing a Song

Okay, I just wrote a whole paragraph about how I was annoyed with the new Hunger Games fans (people who read the books after they found out about the movie) who are having panic attacks about the movie (but really, just Peeta) but then I reread it and it was a little bit mean so I deleted it. Haha. And there's no point in blogging about my frustrations anyway. So I'm going to stick with sharing my favorite songs from the playlist that came out yesterday!! :) YAY!! The sound quality on these YouTube videos is awful so I made a Spotify playlist for you to enjoy as well!


  1. haaaaaah, i am in love with adam levine. i think.


  2. i will be listening to this on repeat. for forever, basically. HG FTW!

  3. hmm well I haven't seen the movie yet but I promise I will read the book first!
    secret stare