Monday, March 26, 2012


I've had Marcel for almost a year now and I still haven't blogged about him! It's about time! And I do know Marcel is more of a girl's name but I want my car to be a boy. So there. 

But anyway, I traveled all the way to North Carolina in April last year to pick up this baby and I love him!! It's a Nissan Versa and although I didn't choose the type of car, it's pretty much perfect for me. Everyone admits that. I'm so blessed to have a working car with air conditioning and heat. That's all I asked for and I got that, but way better. I love you, Marcel. Let's spend eternity together. :D


  1. your car is absolutely lovely! these shots are all so cool.

  2. Gotta love your first car! I am so blessed to share a Volgograd Eaton with my dad until this summer when it's all mine!

  3. Marcel, like Marcel the Shell! love it :) I want a car so badly!

  4. I've always heard "Marcel" as a boy's name.

    For some reason it does seem like a good name for a car!