Sunday, March 11, 2012

Homemade Orange Juice

While doing my absolute best to procrastinate yesterday, I occupied myself at Wal Mart, I watched One Tree Hill, I blogged, I made homemade orange juice, and I photographed a plant in my house. None of those things involved my reading of an awful book for school so let's just say I successfully procrastinated, something I don't do often. 

The best part of my day of procrastinating was definitely making homemade orange juice, though. Mom and I bought a juicer a little over a year ago and the amount of lemonade I've made with it is outrageous. So good. But I didn't ever think to make O.J. until today. We have a ton of oranges hanging around our kitchen so I thought I'd make the best of them. I only made a few glasses worth but all I did was juice about six oranges, pour the juice into a container, add about a cup or so of water, and then add sugar to my liking. It's something that has a lot of variables since all oranges are different and some people like it more concentrated, but it's easy to figure out and it's absolutely delicious. :D


  1. so cool! that last photo is too adorable. Seriously

  2. yumm! I love homemade orange juice :)

  3. these photos are absolutely gorgeous! So crisp and clean :)


  4. i love these shots =D perfectly sweet and refreshing.


  5. I really like the first photo! It's so crisp and clear. I can almost taste the oranges!

  6. Mmmmm photojuice making me v.thirsty! I am the queen of procrastination, I need to find a cure quick!! X