Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blurred In the Midst

This week has been a blur. It's had its ups and its downs but mostly just ups. :) I spent the majority of the week finishing a paper for my online class and doing a midterm but that's done now and I feel so incredibly relieved.

I've also been trying to eat a bit healthier since I tend to drink Starbucks like it's my job. I've wanted to take sugar (just sucrose) out of my diet for about a year now and after seeing that Carlotta was doing it, I got some motivation. But I unfortunately failed. Haha. It only lasted about twelve hours because nothing in my house is sugar-free. You should've seen me searching through the cabinets during my lunch break, looking desperately for something to eat. I settled on fruit and it was delicious but fruit isn't something you should eat every meal of the day. I absolutely want to try it again in the next couple months, though. I just need a friend to do it with me so we can come up with meals! Any bloggers up for the challenge?

Anyway, while I did spend a lot of my time cutting up fruit and drinking juice this week, I also went on a little road trip with my mom around the valley to take some pictures for my Photo class. I won't be able to share those for a while since I have to print them but trust me, you'll eventually see them. :) SO EXCITED. YAY. YAY. YAY.

Today was definitely the best so far. I had school, enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous seventy degree weather by rolling down my car windows, listened to some Avett Brothers, and went to an art show. Let's just say this weather should stay forever because it puts me in the best mood and I don't mind leaving the house. Haha. Hope you all are having a lovely beginning of March and loving this spring weather while it's here! :D

Artwork by Don Whitson.


  1. cute jammie pants. and that outfit is the bomb! ooohh... somebody had a midnight snaaaack... ♪

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. love love love that outfit!

    If you want someone to do a sugar-free challenge with you, I'd love to in a couple of months. I'm currently sugar-free till Easter (Lenten resolution), but a month or two after Easter I might be in need of more detoxing. :P Plus, then lots more fresh veggies and fruits will be in season - do you have/visit a farmers market in your area? They're the best, and working with super fresh foods makes it easier to stay on the sugar-free diet/lifestyle.