Thursday, February 9, 2012

Turn Your Head a Different Way

The warm, glowing sun shown its shadows on my wall as I opened my eyes from a long night's sleep. Getting up at 8:20 every morning is a blessing. I roll out of bed after leisurely taking my time to check Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I slowly walk to the shower and am refreshed from the sweet-smelling soap. Makeup is applied and hair is dried, keeping me warm the rest of the morning. My lovely mother cooks me a wonderful breakfast of scrambled cheese eggs and I drink my green tea while I wait to leave. I'm a creature of habit, much like my dog. I enjoy a change of scenery but it's easier for me to be familiar with each day before it comes. I like that.

On Monday morning this week, I woke up to the tiniest hint of frost and a snow dusting on the trees and ground. Knowing we weren't out of school, I completed my regular routine but afterwards, walked out into the crisp, cool air, so different from the warm sun of the days before. I felt renewed and was thankful for the seasons. As I realized it was time to go and my windshield would need time to defrost, I walked outside to my car with only a few minutes to spare. As I sat in my car and watched my window fade from white to transparent, I looked in front of me and saw something gorgeous. Nothing special, but still gorgeous, especially in my eyes. I saw the bright red berries of a Nandina bush in front of me, the leaves outlined in white frost, begging for a picture to be taken. As I realized that scene would not be there when I got home, I ran up the stairs to grab my film camera. I captured the beauty as best I could and became aware of how much better photography is when you aren't looking for something to photograph. So this week, I challenge you to put blogging or whatever else you take pictures for behind you and enjoy life. Don't look for something to photograph and you might surprise yourself, seeing something more beautiful because you weren't looking for it.

And because I finished my English essay and had some time on my hands, I took a few pictures. :)


  1. ooh, a secret project? I love the pictures! super cool pictures, & I'm pretty sure I've been there.
    I feel like it snowed everywhere in Virginia except where I live. even if it didn't stick, it's still totally unfair.
    also, i really enjoy the fact that "frappuccino" is a label on your sidebar :) just saying.

  2. I had an exact same moment on Wednesday...the sunset was one that rivaled the best and was clearly God's handiwork so I stopped what I was doing, ran outside, and snapped away. It was SO worth it.

  3. i love how you captured the water drops in the second picture :)