Friday, February 17, 2012

Favorites From the Week

Favorites from this week:

• Getting a couple new blog followers. I love when that happens. It really makes my whole week. Thank you, new blog followers.
• The boys' basketball game on Wednesday that we WON! :) So proud.
• The New Girl episodes I've finally caught up on. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Favorite show, right there.
• The whole pineapple I finished in a matter of three days....
• Finding a blog designer for the future when I decide this here bloggy needs a redo. Which is probably right now.
• Mom's birthday! My mom's birthday is today and we're headed to North Carolina to celebrate tomorrow! :)
• Successfully developing a roll of film ALL BY MYSELF. Well, besides the counting. Someone was timing for me.
This blog. UMMMM, I want her to take my picture.
• My early (really early) birthday present of new boots. I love shoes. 
• The fact that it's staying light out longer. YES.
• The German chocolate cake my mom got for her birthday.
• The fact that it's calling for snow on Sunday.
• Nice people who go out of their way to say hi.
• Learning that black coffee is a zero calorie drink. What? Didn't know that.
• Figuring out how to put my button and a grab box on the sidebar of my blog. YAY.

And that sums up my week. Here's the delicioso cake I enjoyed last night. Yes, it is a baby cake if your perception is confused after looking at the picture.


  1. YUM! jealous of your cake...guess my little M&M's will have to do for this Friday night ;)

  2. ooh, yay! I grabbed your button for my sidebar.
    that cake looks super delish :)
    and dude, I'm always so proud of myself when I manage to successfully develop a roll of film! there's so many steps and timing involved, it's crazy! congrats :)