Friday, January 6, 2012

I Like: Footloose + Wintergreen

1. The Vampire Diaries - Have you watched this show? If not, please go watch it from season 1. It is amazinggggggg. Definitely my favorite show.
2. Powerhouse - I just got my first membership to this gym a few months ago and it's the best thing that ever happened to me. Haha. Knowing my parents are paying for it is such a motivator. I absolutely love my workout time.
3. Peacocks - Peacocks are cool animals. That is all.
4.  Footloose - OH MY GOSH. FOOTLOOSE IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER. I haven't seen the old one but the new one is seriously awesome. The dancing is incredible. And the soundtrack to the movie is freaking sweet.
5. Canon AE-1 - Thank you, Webb!! I love this camera. It's so much easier to use than dad's old Yashica!
6. Dark chocolate - I got some as a gift over the holidays and I'm pretty much addicted now. I eat a little piece every day. I mean, isn't it good for your heart or something?
7. Michelle Moore - Please check out this blog. Michelle is my absolute favorite photographer right now. She does work. Really, she's incredible.
8. Glasses - See those Ray Bans? I LOVE THEM. I don't think they'd look good on me but I still kind of want them.
9. Glee - Glee is the show I've been catching up on this winter. I stopped watching it for a while just because the story line got on my nerves but I started watching it again because the music is the best.
10. Up by Jawbone - That black bracelet is so much more than a bracelet. It tracks your steps and how you sleep. It's the coolest little device. I like competing with myself to try to get more steps in than the day before when I workout and whatnot. It's a good motivator as well.
11. Kindle Fire - I really like my Kindle! I haven't gotten to read a book on it yet because I'm finishing the one I'm on first but the internet on it is actually pretty fast, which makes it better than the original Kindle. :)
12. Planes - Man, I'm missing traveling, like woah, right about now. I desperately want to go the Bahamas.
13. Wintergreen - Cannot. Control. My. Excitement. I went skiing for the first time in forever last winter with one of my friends and it was one of the greatest things I did that whole year. Skiing is a little tricky but once you get the hang of it, you will not want to stop. I just can't wait to go back to Wintergreen in the next couple weekends.
14. Nissan Versa - That little blue car? Yeah, it's mine. Hehe. I finally got my own car last year and am so thankful for it. I didn't pick it out but it's pretty much perfect for me. Everyone admits it. :)