Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dream College

College is near in my future and whether I go to community college or a four-year university, I enjoy imagining my dream school and what it would be like. I went to visit Liberty today and since my brother goes there, he showed me around and that's what triggered this post. The campus isn't necessarily gorgeous but Liberty's facilities are out of this world. They have an indoor soccer center, a pathway underground to get from one side of campus to the the other, a rock-climbing wall in the gym, the world's nicest dorms.... I just felt like I was in the future or something. That school literally has everything. So after visiting, I thought it would be fun to make a list of different things my dream school would have. The ones with a star by them are the things Liberty already has. :)
  • Dorms with a full-sized fridge, washer/dryer, and a walk-in closet*
  • Some sort of grassy quad in the center of campus with hammocks hanging from the trees
  • A precious, well-decorated coffee shop somewhere really close to my dorm
  • A library that doesn't smell like old books, is really organized, and is full of windows
  • A really nice gym with a pool, workout area, etc.*
  • A huge, multiple story building with elevators that holds all my classes so I won't get lost
  • A working fountain somewhere on campus that I would see all the time
  • A running trail in the woods*
  • Lots of old trees lining the streets and whatnot
  • A computer lab with a ton of Macs*
  • A tutoring center and professors who are willing to help*
  • A really nice dining hall, rather than a cafeteria
  • A river that runs through campus with a stone bridge going over it
  • Really nice people*
  • A miniature movie theater*
And the list goes on. I'm sure I could come up with a hundred more wishes to add to that list but it might get a bit boring. But those are some of the things I would put into my dream college!! The coolest thing I learned today about Liberty is that they're building a new library, but not just any library. Webb said they're building one that will have a robot retrieve whatever book you type into the system!! WHAT? How cool is that? I kind of freaked out because I hate looking for books. But anyway, I have absolutely NO idea where I want to go to school and I'm getting a little nervous with the fact that I only have four more months of school. I'm not ready to grow up!!! 

What would you have at your dream school, friends?

P.S. This is something like what Liberty will have in the next two to three years.


  1. A note on the robot & library - University of Chicago has that, I believe. It's a really interesting idea, but not quite my thing.

    This is SUCH a cool idea! Love it!

  2. I definitely would have LOVED to go to Liberty. I've heard so many good things about that school!