Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bangs and College

Today has been full of exciting things. First of all, I got a major haircut. It's so different that I feel like I need a new name. Hahaha. I have been wanting something different for a while now and after deciding against a perm and deciding on bangs and a short haircut, I made my appointment. I'm that girl who loves experimenting with hair. My mom always hates when I come up with a new plan but I love seeing how it comes out. So today, I went from long hair and no bangs, to very short hair and front bangs. I'm so excited about it!! I absolutely love the bangs and although it'll take some getting used to, I'm glad I took the chance. I'm bringing the fad back, y'all.

Also, one last exciting bit of news!! I GOT INTO COLLEGE!! I recently applied to Liberty (in the past week) and I came home to a folder laying on my bed. SO FAST. I thought it was full of scholarship info when it was really an acceptance letter. I know the school isn't very hard to get into but the feeling of knowing you are accepted somewhere is a great feeling. :) So I'm on a high right now, thankful for hair and college. The end.

And here is my new hairrrr. 


  1. YOUR HAIR IS SO CUTE. I love it. :) And you. So proud of you for being accepted to Liberty!

  2. love the haaaarrr - so cute!
    and congrats on Liberty! if that's the Liberty in VA, i totally almost went there! have a blast - college includes some of my favorite years in life!

  3. Are you planning on attending Liberty in the fall? Have you applied to any other colleges? Congratulations on your acceptance letter! Plus, your hair cut is cute! :)