Sunday, December 4, 2011

Outfit V

I'm due for another outfit post for sure!! Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling inspired lately so I haven't been putting together outfits like I was towards the beginning of the year. I usually love scanning my closets and drawers for the perfect outfit that suits me but I haven't done so lately. 

But thankfully, I did find some cute skirts at T.J. Maxx about a month ago and although I had to put two away for Christmas, I got to keep one of them because of a party I went to yesterday. I was so excited about getting to wear this skirt because I had searched EVERYWHERE for one and finally found ones that weren't hideous. So thanks to my mom, I got some pictures from yesterday of that outfit. :D Sorry I don't know where most of the stuff I was wearing is from.

Earrings - Unknown
Necklace - Unknown
Shirt - Target
Skirt - T.J. Maxx
Tights - Unknown
Shoes - T.J. Maxx (Jessica Simpson)


  1. You look very elegant and pretty, and i love stylish you are in that outfit...