Thursday, December 8, 2011


This time of year always makes me a little nostalgic. And although I am glad to be living in the moment, sometimes going back to the past and reliving experiences is something I long to do.

I miss having my brothers home, I miss decorating the Christmas tree as a family, I miss going out to look for presents with them to give to my parents. I haven't been able to do any of that in quite a few years since my brothers are away at college and it's really different. If you have your whole family with you in your house right now, don't take that for granted.

But anyway, today my mom and I decorated the tree and the house. It wasn't the same without everyone, but it was still fun. The crisp, fresh smell of the bright green tree filled our house as we maneuvered it through our tiny doorway, needles dropping to the ground on its way up the stairs. Christmas music played through the small rooms and the notes bounced off the walls as mom and I strung light upon light around the branches. Dainty ornaments were hung on the tree, while reminiscing of where they came from. Lights were carefully placed evenly in each window on the front of the house. Discussions of gifts to give took place and trips to our favorite stores were planned.

I love Christmas. There's nothing better, really. And I guess looking back on the years before and wishing I could have it back is inevitable so enjoying what I have right now is something I should work on. I know it'll be great; I just have to make it great. :) So while I'm doing my best to enjoy this beautiful time of year, I hope you do, too.


  1. quite mesmerizing, dearie. love. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. You are right, Meredith! That`s why it is important to enjoy every moment and everyone you love in your life because nothing is supossed to be forever! I loved your pictures! :)

  3. Your pictures are pretty; always.I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and your family is blessed this up coming year.

    Take care :) <3

  4. i totally LOVE your blog missy!! your bokeh shots are like...shut-up-amazing.