Sunday, December 11, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings

The title of this post is not my own. I got the idea to do a post like this from Carlotta, so please know I didn't come up with it. I just thought the idea was brilliant since I can never form coherent thoughts and always want to blog random pictures. So with that, I have a few things to share.

As I've mentioned numerous times, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love how everyone comes together and decorates their homes. Every house is so different; homeowners all have their own style and preference. It's so fun to ride around on Christmas Eve and admire the homes that are elegant and simple, the ones that are outrageously colorful, overdone, and totally awesome.

And speaking of decorating, what's done inside the house is just as great. Maybe not as many people see it, but it always means something to each individual family. The Christmas ornaments that are hung all tell a story. New ones are added each year that are strategically placed on the front of the tree, to be seen better. Some ornaments are expensive and very breakable, some are handmade from years ago. I've always thought decorating a tree was an odd tradition but a favorite, nonetheless.

Starbucks is a year-round obsession for me. It's not only something I love only during the winter, but the precious cups do make it more enjoyable, in my humble opinion. I love branding. The sayings on each cardboard, thermal cup make the experience one more exciting.

While I was at the Botanical Gardens in Richmond the other night, I got thirsty and decided to try an Izze drink. I was expecting it to taste like juice and to be absolutely delicious but I was quite wrong. I thought the fizzy drink was a little disgusting, actually. The cute, glass bottles convinced me, but the drink inside disappointed me. :( Haha.

And last but not least, does anyone listen to Michael Buble? You haven't? Well, let me burn you a copy. I am in love with his Christmas album... Oh goodness. I die. Christmas music is the greatest. I agree with those of you who hate to hear it after Christmas, but before, it just gets me so pumped. I love it. :D


  1. 1. Christmas decorations are the best.
    2. Starbucks is also the best.
    3. I'm not particularly fond of Izzys either, but I really like Crystal Geysers juice squeezes! They're kind of like the same thing (carbonated juice) only super extra delicious.
    4.IWANTTHATALBUM. I've heard a couple songs on the radio and I am in loooooove. He has such a lovely voice!

  2. christmas decorations + music + starbucks = love! and I agree, those cups just make it taste even better.
    my brother's obsessed with izzes, but I don't really see the big deal. I do like the Fruit 66 they sell in the vending machines at my school :)

    I've been meaning to buy that album! maybe i'll put it on my christmas list. except then when i get it, it won't be christmas anymore.
    oh well. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I adore Christmas, everything about it. And I've heard bits of Michael Buble, and really like it. I fall easily for Christmas music like that. :)