Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prone to Disaster

It's true. I'm completely prone to disaster. When I'm around, something will probably go wrong. Hahahahaha. I laugh about it, but at the time when the things go wrong, it's frustrating. I just randomly run into walls, fall down, and CALL THE WRONG NUMBER WHEN I'M TRYING TO FIX MY IPHONE. Yeah, that happened. But I didn't just call the wrong number; I called an independent Apple customer service place that freaking ruined my life yesterday. Haha. Just kidding, except not really. I lost all my contacts and was too dumb to figure out how to get them back myself so I called this place, which I thought was the Apple customer service line. Honestly, I saw this number on the Apple website but it's not there anymore....... AH. I don't get it. But this guy I was on the phone with for an hour just restored my iPhone back to the way it was a month ago. Yeah, I got my contacts back but I lost everything else. That's not what I wanted. Not at all. Fail.

SOOOOO, after being charged $50 and freaking the heck out on my mom, I collected myself and called the real Apple support line. This precious lady came on the line and helped me out with everything. I love Apple. She also told me to call my bank and file a claim to get my money back so that's what I did today.

But anyway, basically, I'm clumsy, prone to disaster, and don't know how to dial 1-800-MY-APPLE. How hard can that be? Gosh, my life is so tragic. Hahaha. Anywho, I'm thankful it's all figured out. And now you guys can go pray that I make it through the rest of the week without craziness like this happening again. Have a great day, everyone! :)

P.S. While I was on the line with the nice lady from Apple, she and I were talking about running/exercise apps and she recommended one to me but couldn't remember the name so she even emailed me personally and gave me the name after she figured it out. SO NICE. :) I felt special.

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