Monday, November 28, 2011


Today has been quite busy and I couldn't be happier that it's almost over. I spent today running around, going to school, volunteering, staying after for Yearbook, and then coming home to work on college applications for hours. Buh. That's what is really getting to me. I worry too much and since all my friends have their apps in and I don't, I feel so behind and I'm starting to panic. BUT, I got most of my applications done today and as soon as I publish this post, I have some time to myself to read so I'm really excited. :) Yay for reading and sleep. 

But anyway, I wanted to share some of my Instagrams today but Instagram has become quite the popular app so most of you have probably already seen these. I remember being the ONLY one of anyone I knew that had the app a couple years ago and now, every one of my Facebook friends has it. It's kind of cool but I feel special for being one of the first people to use it. :D Hehe. 

Even if you have already seen these, I still want to share. Here's my life from the past few months in picture form. Enjoy. :)

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