Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prone to Disaster

It's true. I'm completely prone to disaster. When I'm around, something will probably go wrong. Hahahahaha. I laugh about it, but at the time when the things go wrong, it's frustrating. I just randomly run into walls, fall down, and CALL THE WRONG NUMBER WHEN I'M TRYING TO FIX MY IPHONE. Yeah, that happened. But I didn't just call the wrong number; I called an independent Apple customer service place that freaking ruined my life yesterday. Haha. Just kidding, except not really. I lost all my contacts and was too dumb to figure out how to get them back myself so I called this place, which I thought was the Apple customer service line. Honestly, I saw this number on the Apple website but it's not there anymore....... AH. I don't get it. But this guy I was on the phone with for an hour just restored my iPhone back to the way it was a month ago. Yeah, I got my contacts back but I lost everything else. That's not what I wanted. Not at all. Fail.

SOOOOO, after being charged $50 and freaking the heck out on my mom, I collected myself and called the real Apple support line. This precious lady came on the line and helped me out with everything. I love Apple. She also told me to call my bank and file a claim to get my money back so that's what I did today.

But anyway, basically, I'm clumsy, prone to disaster, and don't know how to dial 1-800-MY-APPLE. How hard can that be? Gosh, my life is so tragic. Hahaha. Anywho, I'm thankful it's all figured out. And now you guys can go pray that I make it through the rest of the week without craziness like this happening again. Have a great day, everyone! :)

P.S. While I was on the line with the nice lady from Apple, she and I were talking about running/exercise apps and she recommended one to me but couldn't remember the name so she even emailed me personally and gave me the name after she figured it out. SO NICE. :) I felt special.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Today has been quite busy and I couldn't be happier that it's almost over. I spent today running around, going to school, volunteering, staying after for Yearbook, and then coming home to work on college applications for hours. Buh. That's what is really getting to me. I worry too much and since all my friends have their apps in and I don't, I feel so behind and I'm starting to panic. BUT, I got most of my applications done today and as soon as I publish this post, I have some time to myself to read so I'm really excited. :) Yay for reading and sleep. 

But anyway, I wanted to share some of my Instagrams today but Instagram has become quite the popular app so most of you have probably already seen these. I remember being the ONLY one of anyone I knew that had the app a couple years ago and now, every one of my Facebook friends has it. It's kind of cool but I feel special for being one of the first people to use it. :D Hehe. 

Even if you have already seen these, I still want to share. Here's my life from the past few months in picture form. Enjoy. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Joy Thanksgiving Brings

The anticipation of Thanksgiving each year is so exciting and thrilling. Maybe it's just me, but I long for the car ride there and the feeling I get when our car pulls up into my grandparents' brick driveway. Their cute house sits on the corner of a busy street and the beautiful, southern weather relaxes my muscles. The smell of pines wafts into the car as I hop out and carry my bags inside. My grandparents await our arrival at the front door and many hugs are received. It's wonderful. I can't think of many things better.

And I love Thanksgiving for more than just the food, as you can probably tell by now. I love Thanksgiving because I get to see my mom's side of the family, which only happens once a year. My mom's brother has five kids, two of which are soon to be six-year-old identical twins. Their family had a little surprise six years ago where my aunt accidentally got pregnant with these two precious girls. At the time, I remember hearing of much frustration and worry from their family, but now, they can't imagine life without those beautiful gals. So seeing Emmie and Millie (the twins), along with the rest of their family, my other aunt and uncle, and my grandparents is just asking for a good time.

My uncle's family (who has the twins) is always doing fun stuff, so while we were at my grandparents', we went out to eat, went on a little nature walk, joked around, and just hung out outside, taking pictures and whatnot. It was great. I think I laughed more these past few days than I have in several months combined. :)

So like I said, a lot of pictures were taken and I'm so glad I have them to share!! :) I'm beyond thankful for my extended family and I'm beyond thankful I got to see them this past week because it was just the refresher I needed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, Thank You

It's that time of year -- the time I love because of many things. I love November and December so very much because of Thanksgiving and Christmas and what those two holidays bring. I love the thoughts of watching movies all Christmas break, not having homework, visiting family, playing in the snow, drinking way too much coffee, coming up with gift ideas for friends, making crafts, sleeping in, and cooking desserts for our neighborhood. :)

And while I love those things, I think they can lead to our forgetting of being thankful. So in honor of Thanksgiving, I've taken some pictures and have compiled a list of what I'm particularly thankful for today. :) I'm thankful for being able to wake up in the morning and have the sun pour through my blinds, making unique shadows on my floor....

I'm thankful for the fact that I finally got to paint my walls the color I wanted and decorate my room to my likings.....
I'm thankful for being able to help my mom fix homemade macaroni and cheese today for Thanksgiving tomorrow.....

I'm thankful for my warm and soft moccasins that I just got.....
I'm thankful for God's creation of nature. It is beautiful and I cannot help but photograph it.....

I'm thankful for smoothies with frozen yogurt in them......
And finally, I'm thankful for black and white pictures of trees. :)

I hope everyone has the most lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow!! Enjoy!