Saturday, October 22, 2011


Apple tricked us. What I thought would be a whole new phone called the iPhone 5 is actually the same as the iPhone 4, but not. And by that, I mean that while it looks the same, it's actually completely different. I'm so excited about it but I also feel so sad about Steve Jobs' death that every time I look at any of my Apple products, I think of how he changed the world but is no longer here to enjoy seeing his business grow.

When I walked in the door the Wednesday he passed away and heard the news, my heart sank. Isn't that weird?! I don't know Steve Jobs, nor have I ever heard him speak, but I still felt sad. That says a lot for him and the company of Apple. It's incredible and like everyone else has said, we lost a true visionary.

But although he's gone now and it's weird to think Apple will still function, I know it will. I know it will because Apple blew me away with their new iPhone, yet again! I am stoked. I contemplated not blogging about this because I kind of feel like I'm bragging and I hate that, but really, I just like to share about my life and things I enjoy. And I enjoy the new iPhone, that's for sure. :D

Dad ordered mine the day it was available and it was sitting in a nice little box last Friday! YAY. I had Homecoming festivities at school on Friday and yes, it was fun, but I couldn't wait to get home to activate my new phone. I'm legit such a nerd. Hahaha. But anyway, Mr. iPhone 4S is finally updated with contacts, music, etc. and is activated! I'm in love.

And I have a quick story before I leave you with some cool pictures. Last night when I was playing around with all the new features, I was using Siri, a new feature where you can ask the phone questions and it will give you answers. I decided to have a little fun and I asked Siri two questions that had hilarious responses. One was, "Are we friends?" Siri responded, "I'd rather not say." REALLY? Hahaha. I laughed sooo hard. And then I asked, "What's your favorite color?" Her answer was, "My favorite color is... well, I don't know how to say it in your language. It's sort of greenish, with more dimensions." HAHAHAHA. I die. I just thought that was great so I had to share, but here are some photosss. :D

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